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How we keep children entertained

Child Support and Protection: WCC has taken seriously the initiative of helping all the vulnerable Refugees and asylum seekers Children by reminding their parents or guardians of their role that they all have to plan and play for their children's safety and protection, no matter what they are going through.

We have a successful Kids clubs that allows Vulnerable refugees and asylum seeker's children community from different back ground to play and have fun, love and caring environment. Kids are kept entertained for 2 hours by our Trained Refugee Community Leaders, who play games with them. We take Children back to the basics, to allow them to run around free and safe in the open space. As kids learn how to control their movement of their body, it does help them to learn other things too.

Education is a key and is one of the fundamental bisic children's rights. Equal treatment and equal opportunity for all the children despite of who they are in terms of their status. Support Educate refugees and asylum seekers' children in South Africa.

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