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Wcc is a committed Non Profit Organisation That strives to uplift refugees and Asylum seekers especially Women and Children at it's multi-service facilities embaded within a desadventaged refugees community. wcc act as a hub for the refugees community living in Cape Town South Africa, the staff are mostly from the refugee Comunity historically desaventaged individuals. In Ms Aline Bukuru's words, wcc is the evidence of a refugee community taking it's destiny into it's own hands.
The wcc projects addresses issues of extreme poverty and vulnerability within the refugee community, ill health, ill treatments, abuses of all sort of forms, discrimanation, racism, xenophobic attacks, issues of refugees and assylum seekers documentation's rights and carelessness of a refugee, Early childhood development, Orphens, Widows and widowers, Children and women victims of rapes, children of special needs, elderly people, refugees with chronic deseases, Unemployment and Social Issues. At wcc, we serve as many refugees as we can and we care.
Also wcc project runs the following programs:

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